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Analytical instruments
Mass spectrograph
X-ray instrument
Element analyzer
Moisture teller
Other general analytical instruments
Analytical instruments
Physical property test
Granule/powder analysis instrument
Thermal analysis instrument
Testing machine
Surface physical property test
Environmental test box
Nondestructive testing instrument
Thickness gauge
Combustion measuring instrument
Other physical test instruments
Physical property test
Environmental monitoring and analysis
Water quality physical chemical index
Water organic pollutants
Water Nutrient salt
Inorganic pollutants in water detection
Biological monitoring in water
Water quality on-line detection
Other water quality analysis instrument
Air sampling equipment
Gaseous pollutants
Airborne particulate matter
Gas on-line monitoring
Industrial gas analysis
Other gas monitoring facilities
Radiation and radioactive monitoring instrument
Noise and vibration monitoring instruments
Soil monitoring analysis instrument
Other environmental monitoring equipment
Environmental monitoring and analysis
Lab general equipment
Cleaning / disinfection equipment
Sample preparation and digestion
Separation / extraction equipment
Purification equipment
Mixing / dispersing equipment
Heating / drying equipment
Crushing equipment
Synthesis / reaction equipment
Refrigeration equipment
Fluid handling equipment
Gas production / processing equipment
Teaching experimental equipment
Other laboratory equipment
Lab general equipment
Optical instruments and equipment
Industrial microscope
Biological and medical microscope
Microscopic image analysis
Electron microscope
Metallographic sample preparation
Electron microscope sample preparation
Optical analysis instrument
Optical measurement instrument
Optical inspection instrument
Semiconductor detection
Optical experimental equipment
Optical imaging equipment
Laser products
Optical processing
Optical instruments and equipment
Life science instrument and equipment
Molecular biology instrument
Cell biological apparatus
Microbial detection apparatus
Plant physiological and ecological instrument
Animal experimental apparatus
Clinical test instrument and equipment
Biological engineering equipment
Chip system
Imaging system
Medical consumables
Life science instrument and equipment
Measurement instrument
Balance/weighing apparatus
Temperature measuring instrument
Length measuring instrument
Surface measuring instrument
Other measuring/measurement instrument
Measurement instrument
Industry specific instrument
Drug testing instrument
Oil special analytical instrument
Agricultural and food special inspection instrument
Textile industry special equipment
Coal industry special instruments
Rubber plastic industry special testing instruments
Special equipment for packaging industry
electric equipment
Radio and television equipment
Other industries special instruments
Special instrument for detection of hazardous chemicals
Industry specific instrument
Industrial on-line and process control
Online electrical conductivity meter
On-line mass spectrometry
On-line oxygen analysis
Online pH meter
Flow / leak
Industrial chromatograph
Industrial viscosimeter
Online reaction analysis system
Other industrial on-line analyzer
Industrial on-line and process control

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Analytical instruments
Physical property test
Environmental monitoring and analysis
Lab general equipment
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