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Laser785-5HFUO Raman laser

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Price: US$3,300.00 ~ US$5,000.00 PDF Format
Supply Ability:20SETS/MON
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  • Model NumberLaser785-5HFUO
    Brand NameRHGD
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    Laser785-5HSUO is a stable laser with a center wavelength of 785nm and a power of 500mW, which is suitable for Raman spectroscopy applications. The product is developed based on external cavity volume grating technology and can provide the narrow linewidth, stable spectrum, and stable power laser output required by the spectrum analyzer.
          Laser785-5HSUO laser module has built-in MCU control, which can control the laser through USB software and monitor the running status of the fan. The optimized design of the optical feedback stabilization power module and the built-in semiconductor cooling technology make this series of lasers have good spectral characteristics and power characteristics.
          Laser785-5HSUO laser output interface is SMA905 interface, on this basis, according to the needs of customers to provide "OEM customized services" and "ODM secondary development services", and provide the appropriate technical support.
    1. Small size, stable power
    2. Advanced VBG pressure linewidth technology, line width <0.08nm
    3. Adjustable power, and software control, power software calibration
    4 comes with cooling fan, and software control;
    5. With laser temperature prompt function, effectively protect laser life and safety
    6. Eight working modes for customers to choose
    Technical Parameters:
    Weight: 363 g
    Peak wavelength: 785 nm ± 0.5 nm
    Laser line width: <0.08nm
    Spectral Stability (Temperature): <0.005 nm/°C (Standard)
    Laser power: 0~500mW (adjustable)
    Power Stability: <2 % P-P (2hrs)
    Output method: SMA905 interface
    Control mode: Software control or manual control, mode optional
    Communication Interface: USB-Mini
    Lifetime: 10, 000 hrs
    Noise: <1% RMS (10Hz100MHz)
    Supply voltage: 5 V/2A
    Adaptation fiber: 105 μm, 0.22 NA
    Fiber Optic Interface: SMA905
    Fiber Band: VIS-NIR
    Working temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C
    Operating Humidity: 5% to 85%
    Warm-up time: 15 min

  • The Laser785-5HFUO laser is a center-spectrum laser with a center wavelength of 785nm and a power of 500mW. In order to meet the Raman spectrum measurement application, it can provide the laser output with the narrow line width, stable spectrum and stable power required by spectral analysis instruments. The Laser785-5HFUO laser module has built-in MCU control, and can control the laser through USB software to monitor the fan running status.
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