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LC6000 preparation isocratic system

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    Model NumberLC6000
    LC6000 preparation isocratic system
    LC6000 preparative high performance liquid chromatography system can produce purifications from gram to kilogram scale.
    Applications:natural extracts、synthetic mixtures、chiral compounds、etc.
    It can provide higher chromatographic performance by combining with our dynamic axial compression columns.
    The preparation system with dynamic axial compression column makes it possible for the operator to self-load the column, and the column loaded in this way has a column efficiency and service life that are unmatched by conventional columns! Therefore, the system is especially suitable for large columns. Scale production.
    Technical Parameters
    *1. The following pumps are available for this system:100ml、250ml、500ml、1000ml.
    *2.Both injection valve and injection pump are available.
    *3.Both prepacked column and DAC column are available.

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