K3 RTK measuring system

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    K3 RTK measuring system
    K3 RTK measurement system, a new generation of full-featured platform-level RTK measurement system. Small body, all-round, equipped with the fourth generation of small-size positioning chip, the third generation of miniaturized radio chip, three-in-one highly integrated antenna, optimized signal transmission mechanism, efficient and stable transmission of data. Exceeding the limit in the limit, breaking through the constraint condition that the center distance of the "3W" design principle is not less than 3 times the line width, effectively suppressing internal crosstalk. High energy density, super battery life. Network and platform application mode + full-featured basic hardware system, leading the era of intelligent interactive material.
    1. Three superior performances to achieve a weightlifting
     1) High-performance zero-phase GNSS antenna with strong anti-interference ability and small size. GNSS antenna, Bluetooth antenna, WIFI antenna "trinity" highly integrated design, optimized signal transmission mechanism, saving host internal space, performance is more stable.
    2) Adopt "micro-space signal crosstalk processing technology" to break through the "3W" rule in the electronic design field to solve the signal crosstalk problem in narrow and dense spaces, and the signal quality is high.
    3) Full constellation reception, support four-star positioning, support the latest Beidou-3 navigation satellite.
     2. Four types of data links are at your fingertips
    1) Radio
    A new generation of high-sensitivity, low-power, miniaturized radio stations with high speed, high performance, high stability and high reliability for a variety of harsh working environments;
    a. Built-in forward error correction, cyclic redundancy check, anti-interference ability is stronger, to meet the needs of long-distance operation.
    B.410-470 broadband frequency band, support TrimTalk450S/, TrimMark3/SOUTH, to achieve interconnection with imported equipment.
    c. Support custom frequency bands, you can change the channel frequency at any time through the handbook, mobile phone, and achieve precise connection.
    2) Network
    Dual-channel Bluetooth design, two-way transmission between the host and the handbook, sharing the full Netcom network of the handbook, and the network RTK operation experience is better.
    3) WIFI
    You can use wifi to connect to the network, get data, and open wifi hotspots, which can be accessed by multiple devices for richer settings and adjustments.
    4) Bluetooth
    Bluetooth 4.0 standard ultra long-distance Bluetooth, using efficient and stable data transmission technology, stable signal transmission, compatible with 2.1 standards, convenient and flexible application.
    3. Multi-angle design, follow the ingenuity
    1) Design with heart
    Breaking through the limits of the RTK space, further shrinking the volume
    Key technologies such as "trinity" antenna integration, radio station miniaturization, and "micro-space signal crosstalk processing technology" have led the trend toward miniaturization and lightweight RTK design to a new level.
    2) The magnesium alloy body adopts a more delicate surface decoration, and the technology design is stronger.
    3) Interaction design
    a. Double-button operation, simple interaction design process, complete host mode switching, data link switching and other settings without the need for a handbook.
    b. Built-in high-definition voice, one-click broadcast host mode, intelligent reminder host status. With double buttons, the operation is simpler. Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish are supported by default; voice customization is supported.
    4. Six major professional functions, surveying and mapping from now on
    1) Endurance
    a. Built-in 6800mAh high-capacity battery, battery life of more than 12 hours, one charge, to meet all-day operations.
    b. Support fast charging, equipped with a new custom fast charging charger, which can be fully charged within 5 hours.
    c.Imported certified batteries, cycle charging, long service life, safe and reliable performance
    2) NFC touch pairing
    The new NFC flash pairing technology can quickly establish a communication data link to get rid of the traditional cumbersome connection process and achieve a smoother user experience.
    3) Electronic bubbles
    When checking whether the centering rod is horizontal, the user does not have to pay attention to the physical bubble of the centering rod. The electronic bubble on the handbook measuring software accurately displays the leveling state of the centering rod in real time.
    4) WebUI
    The receiver has a built-in management interface and access to the WebUI to view or change host status, host configuration, satellite information, data logging, data transfer, radio settings, firmware upgrades, user management, user assistance, and more.
    5) SMS
    The host supports the SMS function setting. After the setting is completed, the mobile station manual can be used to send text messages to the base station host, and the base station and radio protocol can be set remotely.
    6) Cloud service
    A powerful cloud service management platform with remote management and configuration equipment, support for viewing progress, management operations, backup data, real-time sharing, online upgrade, online registration and many other functions, providing users with expert one-to-one remote services.
    5. Three sets of professional equipment to ensure that the field is light and simple
    1) H5 handbook:
    Android system handbook, 4G full Netcom, 2G memory + 16G flash memory, 4.3-inch high-definition big screen, with 13 million pixels
    Android Engineering Star Software: Continue the classic interface design, optimize all kinds of functions and algorithms, expand the application of roads, power and other industries, IP67, suitable for a variety of operating environments.
    2) New big radio station:
    High-power transmitting radio with HD OLED LCD for Bluetooth wireless connection, 410-470 wideband support, compatible with import protocols.
    3) New miniaturized instrument box:
    Compared with the previous generation, the volume of the instrument box is reduced by one third;
    New foot design for more stable placement;
    Scientific and reasonable texture design, more wearable;
    The finer lining design gives the user a more enjoyable out of the box experience.
    Technical Parameters:
    Signal Tracking: BDS: B1, B2, B3
    GPS: L1, L2C, L2P, L5,
    GLONASS: L1, L2
    Galileo: E1C, E5A, E5B
    L-Band tracking
    GNSS features: Positioning output frequency 1Hz ~ 50Hz
    Initialization time is less than 10 seconds
    Initialization reliability >99.99%
    Full constellation reception technology capable of supporting GNSS constellation signals from all current and planned
    Highly reliable carrier tracking technology to improve carrier accuracy and provide high quality raw observation data
    Intelligent dynamic sensitivity positioning technology adapts to various environmental changes and adapts to harsh and long-distance positioning environments
    High-precision positioning processing engine
    Code differential GNSS positioning: Level: 0.25 m + 1 ppm RMS
    Vertical: 0.50 m + 1 ppm RMS
    SBAS differential positioning accuracy: typically <5m 3DRMS
    Static measurement accuracy: Horizontal: ±(2.5+1×10-6×D)mm
    Elevation: ±(5.0+1×10-6×D)mm
    RTK measurement accuracy: Horizontal: ±(8+1×10-6×D)mm
    Elevation: ±(15+1×10-6×D)mm
    (D is the distance between measured points, km)
    Operating System: Linux
    Button: Double button operation, convenient and fast
    Indicator light: four indicators
    Web interaction: Built-in Web UI management background, support WiFi and USB mode access to the receiver built-in Web UI management page, real-time monitoring of host status, free configuration of the host.
    Voice: iVoice intelligent voice technology, intelligent status broadcast, voice operation prompts;
    Support Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish by default; support voice customization
    Secondary development: Provide secondary development package, open OpenSIC observation data format and interactive interface definition for secondary development
    Data cloud service: Web version of cloud service management platform, support remote registration, data interaction and other services such as online registration
    Size: diameter 130mm x height 85.3mm
    Weight: 820g
    Material: Magnesium alloy
    Temperature: Operating temperature: –25 °C to +65 °C
    Storage temperature: –40 °C to +80 °C
    Humidity: 95% condensation resistant
    Protection level: Waterproof: 1m soak, IP67
    Dustproof: completely prevent dust from entering, IP67
    Shockproof: Resistant to 2 meters with the pole
    Power supply: 12-28V wide voltage DC design with overvoltage protection
    Battery: High-capacity internal battery 6800mAh 7.4V
    Power Solution: Regular operation meets 10 hours of battery life and can support other transformer power supply systems.
    (Provides 7*24h continuous working power solution)
    I/O port: 5-core LEMO interface External power interface + RS232
    7-pin LEMO interface External USB (OTG)
    Radio antenna interface
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