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CTS-632R6 full station electronic range finder

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    Model NumberCTS-632R6
    CTS-632R6 full station electronic range finder
    1. Prism-free ranging, reliable accuracy guarantee
    2. Absolute coding angle measurement
    3. Backlit plastic keyboard
    4. Full digital and subtitle keyboard, 2.7-inch display, 4-line Chinese display, adjustable display brightness;
    5. Built-in laser down point (optional)
    6. Data transmission storage Large capacity SD card, USB transmission is more convenient, users can choose freely.
    7.DOS operating system
    Technical Parameters
    Instrument model: CTS-632R6
    Imaging: just like
    Magnification: 30X
    Effective aperture of objective lens: telephoto: 45mm distance measurement: 47mm
    Resolution: 3"
    Field of view: 1°30'
    Shortest line of sight: 1.0m
    Tube length: 152mm
    Angle measurement
    Angle measurement method: absolute coding
    Code disc diameter: 79mm
    Minimum display reading: 0.1”/1”/5” optional
    Accuracy: 2"
    Detection method: horizontal plate: right diameter vertical plate: right diameter
    Distance measurement
    Maximum distance: single prism 5.0km
    Prismless 600m
    Reflector 0.8km
    Digital display: Maximum: 99999999.9999m Minimum: 1mm/0.1mm (settable)
    Accuracy: Prism: ±(2+2×10-6•D)mm No prism: ±(3+2×10-6•D)mm Reflector: ±(3+2×10-6•D)mm
    Measurement time: precision measurement 0.8 seconds, tracking 0.4 seconds
    Weather correction: temperature and pressure sensor automatically correct
    Prism constant correction: input parameters are automatically corrected
    Long level: 30”/2mm
    Circular level: 8'/2mm
    Vertical disc compensator
    System: Dual-axis liquid photoelectric electronic compensator
    Working range: ±6'
    Resolution: 1′′
    Laser pointer
    Point accuracy: 1.5mm at 1.5m
    Laser spot diameter: 2.5mm at 1.5m
    Display section
    Type: double-sided LCD, graphic
    data transmission
    USB: Yes
    Storage medium
    SD card: Yes
    Airborne battery
    Power supply: rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery
    Voltage: DC 6V
    Continuous working time: 10 hours
    Size and weight
    Size: 160mm × 150mm × 340mm
    Weight: 6.0kg
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