VMS-5040 manual imager

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    Model NumberVMS-5040
    VMS-5040 manual imager
    1. The base and column of the machine adopt high-precision Jinan blue marble to ensure high stability and precision of the machine;
    2. The machine adopts high-precision Guiyang Xintian optical ruler and workbench to ensure the accuracy of the machine is within 3+L/200mm;
    3. The machine adopts HD automatic zoom lens
    Measurement function:
    Basic measurements: measurements of points, lines, circles, arcs, ellipses.
    Online labeling: Dimensions, radius labels, diameter labels, angle labels, linear labels, alignment labels, text labels, coordinate labels, etc. can be dimensioned in real-time images.
    Offline labeling: You can dimension in the full view of the bird's eye view.
    Geometric measurement: distance between two arc vertices, distance between two lines, vertical line, parallel line, shear line, extended line, intersection of two lines, intersection of line circle, intersection of two circles, tangent of circle, tangent of two circles, connection of two lines Arc, angle bisector.
    Accessibility: Copy, Select All, Delete, Move, Mirror, Rotate.
    Coordinate system: Set customer coordinate system, three-point setting coordinate system, coordinate origin translation, coordinate rotation.
    Coordinate label: The coordinate position of any point on the screen is marked with the self-set coordinate origin (0, 0) as the reference.
    Contrast: AutoCAD standard drawings can be input into the real-time image area, and the AutoCAD drawing is compared with the actual workpiece shape to find the difference between the workpiece and the drawing.
    Drawing: The actual workpiece shape in the real-time image can be drawn to form a complete drawing, similar to AutoCAD.
    Report format: Measurement data can be directly imported into EXCEL, word, CAD image files.
    Automatic edge finding function: The software adopts automatic edge finding, which can reduce the error caused by the naked eye judgment.
    Technical Parameters:
    Instrument model: VMS-5040
    Dimensions (mm) : 870 × 1150 × 1100
    Measuring range (mm) : X: 500 Y: 400 Z: 200
    Glass table (mm) : Size 529×429 Load capacity ≤25kg
    Measurement accuracy: X ≤ (3.0 + L / 200) μm
    Y ≤ (3.0 + L / 200) μm
    Z ≤ (5.0 + L / 200) μm
    Image Measurement System: CCD: German COMST High Resolution Color Camera
    Objective lens: HD continuous zoom lens 0.7×-4.5×
    Image magnification: 20×-180×
    Light source: Contour light: LED cold light source, 256 levels of brightness adjustable
    Surface light: 6 ring 8 area LED cold light source, 256 levels of brightness adjustable
    Coaxial light: LED cold light source, 256 levels of brightness adjustable
    Software: REICA Precision Measurement Software
    Working environment: Temperature 20 °C ± 2 °C, temperature change <2 °C / hr, humidity 30 ~ 80%, away from vibration source
    Working power supply: 220V/50Hz/10A
    Warranty period: 1 year
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