CS350 Electrochemical Workstation

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    CS350 Electrochemical Workstation

    CS Series electrochemical workstation by a high-speed MCU, precision FET integrated circuits , built-in digital signal DDS synthesizer, high power potentiostat / galvanostat , dual-channel and dual- channel high-speed correlation analyzer 16bit / 24bit AD converter accuracy . Can complete linear sweep voltammetry (LSV), cyclic voltammetry (CV), step wave cyclic voltammetry (SCV), square wave cyclic voltammetry (SWV), differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) and normal pulse voltammetry (NPV) as well as conventional differential pulse voltammetry (DNPV) isoelectric analysis methods ; can also complete constant current ( bit ) polarization , potentiodynamic ( Stream ) scan , arbitrary constant current ( bit ) square-wave , multi- constant current ( bit ) step , zero resistance ammeter , electrochemical noise ( galvanic current ) , electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and other electrochemical measurements and other functions, all measurement functions can be timed automatically for unattended under the automatic measurement .

    CS Series USB2.0 interface used in all electrochemical workstation and computer communications, equipment installation is simple, plug and play.
    Dimensions : 36.5cm ( W ) (30.5cm ( deep ) (16cm ( height ) Instrument Weight : 6.5Kg 


    1 ) study the electrochemical mechanism ; substances qualitative and quantitative analysis ;
    2 ) Conventional electrochemical tests, including electrochemical synthesis , electrodeposition ( electroplating ) performance evaluation ;
    3 ) functions and energy materials ( batteries, super capacitors, nano-materials, bio- sensors, etc. ) and preparation of the mechanism ;
    4 ) inhibitor, water stabilizer , coatings and cathodic protection , and rapid evaluation of the efficiency of hydrogen permeation testing ;
    5 ) a conductive metal material medium ( including water / concrete / soil and other environmental ) in electrochemical corrosion tests.
    6 ) Floating mode is used for electrochemical measurements autoclave ( autoclave reactor body grounded ) , the earth in the metal components ( bridges , reinforced concrete ) Corrosion online .

  • CS electrochemical workstation adopts full floating design, excellent stability and precision, advanced hardware and well-functioning software, providing excellent scientific research for scientists involved in energy, materials, life sciences and environmental protection. platform.
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