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PT-GD401PT-GD401 electric lifting platform

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    Model NumberPT-GD401PT-GD401
    PT-GD401PT-GD401 electric lifting platform
    1. Standard stepping motor and RS232 interface, the company's self-developed motion controller can achieve automatic control
    2. The lifting platform adopts shear-type lifting support and double-rail five-axis over-positioning mechanism to ensure smooth movement, large bearing capacity and long service life.
    3. It is driven by precision grinding screw, which is comfortable to move, can be arbitrarily raised and lowered, and the air return is very small.
    4. The stepping motor and the screw rod are connected by imported high-quality elastic coupling, the transmission is synchronized, the depolarization performance is good, the eccentric disturbance is greatly reduced and the noise is small.
    5. The electric lifting platform is used flatly, and can be combined with other types of tables to form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table.
    6. With limit function, initial zero function, reloading servo motor, adding rotary encoder, accepting product modification and tailoring
    Technical Parameters:
    Stroke: 60 ± 2 mm
    Table size: 120mm × 80mm
    Drive mechanism: Precision grinding screw
    Guide rail form: sliding guide
    Stepper motor (1.8°): SST42D2121
    Body material: Aluminum alloy
    Surface treatment: anodized black
    Center load: 5kg
    Weight: 1.15kg
    Zui small adjustment: 5μ (no subdivision)
    0.25μ (20 subdivision)
    Zui big speed: 5mm/sec
    Repeat positioning accuracy: 10μ
    Empty back: 4μ
    Lost step: 3μ
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