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A204dm13h stainless steel multi shaft combined translation platform

Product ID:GSYwytai001

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberA204dm13h
    Product features:
    1 imported high precision cross roller guide, high precision, large capacity, long service life
    2 high precision and ensure the straightness of base table, table, yaw, pitch, parallel motion
    3 micrometer head driven by displacement adjustment
    4 high precision small resolution micrometer head to ensure that the product is nano micro displacement adjustment
    5 micrometer head is placed in the central manual translation platform, easy to operate
    6 spring reset to eliminate axial clearance
    7 table and the base of the standard hole spacing of the installation hole, easy installation and combination
    Technical index:
    Mesa size:  60X60MM
    Drive mode:  Micrometer head
    Driving position:  Central drive
    Trip 13mm
    Minimum scale:  10 m
    Precision:  3 M
    Minimum trim:  2 m
    Guide form:  Cross roller guide
    Load bearing  10kg
    Straightness:  2 m
    Mesa parallelism:  15 m
    Parallel motion:  8 m
    Dead weight  1.5kg
    Material Science  Stainless steel
    Surface treatment:  Anodic oxidation
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