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YX-2D6A Sapphire Crystal Direction Finder

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    Model NumberYX-2D6A
    YX-2D6A Sapphire Crystal Direction Finder: It is designed on the basis of a standard finder and is designed for a variety of crystals such as single crystal silicon, sapphire, and arsenic trioxide. It is mainly used for the measurement of wafers and crystal rods. The display is external and the sample Taiwan installed bearing track. Belongs to the general type.
      Standard configuration is as follows: GA, GB goniometer.
      1, one side of the GA goniometer can measure crystal Φ2 --- Φ6 inch wafer; 111, 100, and so on; can be measured rod reference surface 110; OF other angles. Sapphire A, C, R surface angle.
      2, the other side of the GB designed for crystal rod design, designed for 130 wide, 300 flat pallets, with 2 removable nylon V-groove bar care, can measure Φ2 --- Φ6-inch wafers; Crystal rod face Φ2 --- Φ6 inch, long 400 crystal rod; Such as: silicon (111) Sapphire C-plane angle; the first test 2 --- 3 inches face, the second measured 4 --- 6 inches face .
    Technical Parameters:
    Item: Parameters
    Ingot diameter: 2 --- 6 inches, the largest 8-inch
    Crystal rod length: 400 mm
    Sample plate area: 43 W × 70 H mm
    Directional accuracy: ± 30 "
    Digital display: θ: degrees; minutes; seconds; the minimum reading of 10 "
    Display: external vertical
    Specifications: YX-2 parameters.
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