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DFX-Z-ray automatic directional instrument

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    Model NumberDFX-Z
    X-ray autotransducer is an upgraded product of manual directional instrument that is based on the market demand for higher and higher accuracy of crystal angle measurement. It is the use of X-ray diffraction theory, design and manufacture of optical, mechanical, electrical three-in-one precision instruments , Can quickly determine the natural and artificial crystal (piezoelectric crystal, optical crystal, laser crystal, semiconductor crystal) crystal surface, with a variety of cutting, grinding and other processing equipment supporting the use of. Is an indispensable precision machining crystal device manufacturing equipment. Widely used in various crystal materials processing industries and research institutions.
    1full Chinese man-machine interface, 7-inch TFT touch screen, intuitive interface, easy to operate.
    2 automatic angle measurement method, and the use of imported high-resolution encoder, greatly improving the measurement accuracy, to avoid the reading error of the manual measurement, greatly reducing the operator's labor intensity and operational difficulty.
    3 flexible measurement methods, just touch the touch screen or step on the foot switch, either optional.
    4 automatic crystal calibration is accurate and convenient, automatic scanning 10 times, take the average.
    5 to meet the different needs of customers, set single-point, two-point, four-point measurement mode.
    6 display can be zero in any position, easy to display the value of the crystal plate angle deviation;
    7 special integrator with peak amplification, using high-voltage module devices to improve the detection accuracy;
    8 modular electronic circuits, high-voltage integrated structure of the ray tube, the use of simple maintenance;
    9 automatic control gate design, open only when necessary, safe and convenient without hidden danger;
    10 according to the different samples to be tested, customized a variety of sample stage, to ensure measurement accuracy and ease of use.
    Technical Parameters:
    X-ray generator section
    Input Power: Single-phase AC 220V, 50HZ, 0.5KW
    X-ray tube: copper target anode grounding, forced air cooling;
    X tube voltage: -30KVP, full pressure closing;
    X tube current: 0 ~ 5mA, continuously adjustable;
    Power: The total power is not more than 0.5KW;
    Protection: automatic shutter, high pressure chain, temperature protection;
    Static detection accuracy: ≤ ± 6; (with standard quartz plate SIO2,1011 surface) (θ: 13 degrees 20 minutes;) (2θ: 26 degrees; 40 minutes;
    (2) goniometer part:
    Rotation of the sample stage: θ;, 0 ~ +50 degrees;
    (3) touch screen:
    Minimum reading of angle: 1 second
    Digital display: degrees, minutes, seconds.
    Angle adjustment: digital display can be set to any angle value.
    (3) record part:
    Counting tube: GJ5101 Geiger counter working voltage 0 ~ 1100V
    Intensity display; microampere table shows the value of the measured crystal strength.
    (4) Dimensions: 1150 (long); 650 (wide); 1500 (high)
    (5) Weight: about 200Kg
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