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YX-2 X -ray crystal orientation instrument

Product ID:FXdx002

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    Model NumberYX-2
    This kind of model for single crystal diffraction general type precision orientation device, easy operation, high strength, can be used for the piezoelectric crystals, optical crystal and detection of various kinds of single crystal materials.
    Technical indicators:
    Input power source: single-phase ac voltage 220 v, 50 hz, 0.3 KW
    X line pipe: copper target, air-cooled. Tube voltage: 30 kv, tube current: 0-5 ma
    The meter counter: geiger counter
    Time is often number: 0.1, 0.1, 3 seconds three gears
    Angle measuring range: theta equals - 10 ° - 50 °, theta = 2-10 °, 100 °
    Angle read count: the scale mark minimum readings for the ring: 2 theta: 1 °, theta: 1 °; Digital display: the degrees, minutes and seconds
    Angle adjustable: digital display can be installed at any Angle
    Slit: 4 '5' 6 '
    Manual brake light:
    Angle display: digital display
    Comprehensive fine degrees: plus or minus 30"
    Shape ' ": 1140 mm (long) X650mm (wide) X1030mm (high)
    Weight: 150 kg
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