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ALYX 600A totally enclosed sapphire stick stick X ray directional finder

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    Model NumberALYX 600A
    Brief introduction:
    ALYX – 600A type a totally enclosed sapphire stick stick X-ray directional finder for fully enclosed double work table, on the left side of the table under the X-ray directional bonding (2 ~ 6) inch crystal sapphire stick, length of the crystal on the shortest of 20 mm, use slide guide rail on a plate, binding more than crystal rods; On the right side of the workbench under X-ray directional measurement (2 ~ 6) inch crystal sapphire wafer face Angle, directional binding instrument accuracy + / - 15 "/ 30", the smallest readings 1 ", has difference display function.
    Technical indicators
    Input power supply: ac 220 v, 50 hz, 0.25 kW.
    X ray tube: copper target, fan cooled, anode grounding.
    Most reduce voltage current: 30 kv, adjustable in 5 ma.
    Detector: counter. Working voltage DC1000V is the highest; Or scintillation detector, working voltage DC1200V is the highest.
    The time constant: 1 (fast), 2 (slow) two notches.
    Angle measuring range: theta = 2-10 ° ~ 120 °, theta equals to 5 ° ~ 60 °
    Angle reading: digital display in degrees, minutes and seconds, said the smallest readings for 1 "digital display by degrees, the minimum reading of 0.001 ° 
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