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SupNIR-1000A portable near infrared analyzer

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  • Model NumberSupNIR-1000A
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    SupNIR-1000 series portable near infrared analyzer is designed for rapid detection of a portable analyzer, covering the wavelength range of 600-1800nm, compact structure, small volume, built-in rechargeable battery, large capacity storage devices and liquid crystal display module. By measuring the different accessories, to achieve rapid and nondestructive detection of flake, granular, paste, powder and liquid samples in some physical and chemical composition. In the field of fruit planting, food quality inspection, such as scientific research, has a wide range of applications.
    Product features
    Within 30 seconds - fast analysis speed, detect multiple indicators at the same time, high measurement precision, close to the lab routine analysis accuracy - all Chinese LCD display, advanced user interface, intuitive, easy to operate, on the basis of sample on site which can realize completely the rapid detection of rich - measuring attachment, realize the analysis of different samples, probe - and convenient to replace the built-in standard substance, with functions of automatic diagnosis and troubleshooting tips - built-in large capacity storage devices, to analyze data and spectra of storage - built-in USB interface, can be directly transmitted to the computer data - random configuration RIMP software, data upload or download, can be editable, output analysis report, which can realize the network remote control, convenient operation, non-technical staff also can be easily mastered
    product application
    SupNIR - 1000 portable near infrared analyzer Yu Guopin products widely used in the fields: planting guidance, quality evaluation, fruit sorting, maturity monitoring; Circulation quality inspection areas: meat inspection, edible oil, feed detection; Tobacco: tobacco acquisitions, formula, tobacco processing, tobacco planting; Research areas: fiber detection, plastic recycling, soil analysis, medicinal material identification, etc

  • SupNIR-1000 series near-infrared analyzer has excellent design concept and excellent instrument performance, and can be applied to different occasions such as laboratories, vehicles, and field sites. The sample can be quickly and non-destructively tested in a few seconds. The SupNIR-1000 series of near-infrared analyzers are widely used in scientific research and quality analysis in the fields of industry, agriculture, medicine, food, etc., with strong versatility and high cost performance. According to the wavelength range and the spectrometer, it is divided into two types: SupNIR-1100 and SupNIR-1500.
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