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NIRMagic 2300H Near Infrared Fuel Quality Analyzer

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    NIRMagic 2300H Near Infrared Fuel Quality Analyzer 
    Near-infrared spectroscopy is a comprehensive analysis technology based on near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometric analysis model technology. It can realize rapid, non-destructive, qualitative/quantitative analysis of samples containing organic functional groups such as CH, NH, OH. An ideal means of on-site rapid screening and real-time monitoring of processing.
    The NIRMagic 2300 is a new desktop NIR analyzer from our company.
    1. Samples can be measured without pre-treatment
    2. Quick measurement - simultaneous detection of multiple parameters, each detection time does not exceed 15 seconds
    3. Small size, light weight - easy to carry, both on-site and laboratory
    4. All Chinese operating system, easy to operate, simple training, users can easily control the instrument
    5. The instrument has self-test function, the user can know the running status of the instrument in real time, and ensure that each measurement result is more reliable.
    6. Powerful chemometric software functions with qualitative identification, quantitative prediction, spectral matching, spectral retrieval, etc.
    7. Good measurement stability
     typical application:
    1. Quality control of production process in refinery, product quality management
    2. Oil storage, quality control of outbound products
    3. Special fuel testing
    4. Analytical laboratory for oil research or production plants
    Technical parameter:
    name: 2300H
    Wavelength range: 600nm~1100nm
    Spectral resolution: 1nm
    Sample size: 50mm
    Analysis time: ≤15
    Sample temperature control accuracy: ±0.5
    Sample temperature control range: 5~70
    Light source life: 10000hours
    Communication Interface: USB2.0
    Ambient temperature: 5~40
    environment humidity: 5%~95%
    operating system: Windows
    Power supply: DC12V/7A
    Dimensions: 360mmX270mmX150mm
    Instrument weight: 6.0Kg
  • NIRMagic 2300 near infrared fuel quality analyzer is a new type of desktop near infrared spectrum analyzer. The NIRMagic 2300 near-infrared fuel quality analyzer can realize fast, non-destructive, qualitative / quantitative analysis of samples containing organic functional groups such as C-H, N-H, O-H, etc., and is an ideal means for rapid on-site screening and real-time monitoring of processing processes.
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