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KFNIR-270 Liquid near infrared Analyzers for Fuel detection

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  • Model NumberKFNIR-270
    Brand NameYIMA
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    Liquid near infrared Analyzer is designed for liquid samples fast non-destructive testing of a portable instrument, wavelength range covering 950nm~1650nm, United 
    States Marine company array spectroscopy. Has characteristics of small volume, light weight, 
    good stability characteristics, such as temperature and measurement the sample pool. Fuel testing, edible oils, special fuel testing and inspection, laboratory analysis of chemical products, and other
    fields have a wide range of applications.
    Technical parameters
    1 Detector InGaAs(128 pixel)
    2 Wavelength range 950nm~1650nm
    3 Spectral resolution 12.5nm   1000nm
    4 Analysis time ≤15 Second
    5 Sample pool thermostat 25°C±1°C
    6 Sample pool size 10mm
    7 Light source life more than 10,000 hours
    8 Communication Interface USB2.0
    9 Temperature Range (5~40)°C
    10 Humidity range 5%~95%
    11 Operating system WindowsXP  32 bit 
    12 Power supply mode  DC12V/7A
    13 Installation dimensions (length x width x height)  210mm×160mm×140mm
    14 Instrument weight  2.0kg
  • Liquid near infrared Analyzer is designed for liquid samples fast non-destructive testing of a portable instrument, wavelength range covering 950nm~1650nm. Has characteristics of small volume, light weight, good stability characteristics, such as temperature and measurement the sample pool. Fuel testing, edible oils, special fuel testing and inspection, laboratory analysis of chemical products, and other fields have a wide range of applications.
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