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PlateSmart economical 96-well plate centrifuge

Product ID:SYFLCQlx041

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    Model NumberPlateSmart
    PlateSmart economical 96-well plate centrifuge
    1. Large torque disc motor drive
    2. Microcomputer control, digital display time and speed
    3. The maximum speed is 2500rpm, the maximum relative centrifugal force is 560×g
    4. Button timing, speed control
    5. Instant Centrifugal Function Button (Spin)
    6. Small size, the whole machine weighs less than 12 kg
    7.Safety door lock, open cover automatically stop
    Technical Parameters:
    Power supply: 110V-230V/50Hz 150W
    Sample capacity: 4 ELISA plates or 2 PCR plates or deep well plates
    Maximum speed: 2500rpm
    Maximum RCF: 560g
    Drive system: Direct drive of large torque disc motor
    Adjustable speed range: 500-2500rpm
    Noise level: <60dB(A)
    Control System: Microcomputer Control
    Timing range: 1-99 minutes, continuous
    Maximum temperature rise: <12°C
    Dimensions: 31cm × 38cm × 30cm
    Net weight: 12Kg
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