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DD - 5 G automatic valve cap off centrifuge

Product ID:SYFLCQlx003

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberDD - 5 G
    1 Large torque frequency conversion motor drive, speed control precision
    2 LCD, digital double screen, touch keys
    3 Stainless steel inner cavity, all steel fuselage
    4 Electronic security door control
    5 12 groups of program storage, 19th level speed is adjustable
    6 RCF that can directly set and display without the RPM/RCF conversion
    7 Imported famous brand inverter controller, speed control precision and durable
    8 Centrifugal, cap off once completed, avoid sample mixture again after separation
    9 Reduce the risk of inspection personnel of the affected, save time and effort
    10 Three layers of protective steel bushing, to ensure safety
    11 Suitable for all kinds of vacuum blood vessels

    The basic parameters:
    1 The top speed : 5000 r/min
    2 Maximum centrifugal force  5200 Xg
    3 maximum capacity 4 x250ml

    4  Speed precision ± 10 r/min
    5 The timing range
     : 0 ~ 99 min/point
    6 Noise sound
    7        Power supply: AC 50 hz, 220 v
    8 Motor,:frequency conversion motor
    9 Overall dimensions  650 x 550 x 840 mm (L * W * H)
    10 Weight: 135 kg

    The rotor parameters: 
    The rotor capacity The highest speed The largest centrifugal force
    No. 1 level of the rotor 4X250ml 5000rpm 5200Xg
    No. 2  take off the cover for the rotor 80X7ml 4000rpm 3400Xg
    No. 3  take off the cover for the rotor 126X7ml 4000rpm 3580Xg
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