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E3115 Desktop High Speed Micro Centrifuge

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    Model NumberE3115
    E3115 Desktop High Speed Micro Centrifuge suitable for 1.5 / 2.0ml centrifugal tube experiments, and is widely used in life sciences, medicine and chemical experiments.
    1.LCD large display shows all operating parameters;
    2. After the end of the run, the voice prompts and automatically open the lid for easy sample cooling;
    3. Unique centrifugal chamber temperature display, to ensure the safety of the sample;
    4. instantaneous centrifugal function, you can set the maximum speed, extend the application;
    5. Operation Panel icon unique design sense of the dynamic, real-time display operating status;
    6. After setting the speed, you can modify the operating parameters;
    7. The switching speed and centrifugal force without facilitate data reading;
    8. Faster acceleration / deceleration rate, sample separation more in a shorter period of time;
    9. Run the process and display an error code prompt;
    10. The high-strength aluminum alloy rotor can withstand autoclaving (without rotor lid).
     Technical Parameters:   
    Maximum relative centrifugal force 21000×g(100-21000×g)   Incremental 100×g
    Maximum speed 14800rpm(100-14800rpm)  Incremental 100rpm
    Maximum capacity 24×1.5/2.0ml
    The maximum density centrifugation medium 1.2g/ml
    Motor AC variable frequency motor
    Time setting 1 seconds -99 minutes 59 seconds
    Accelerate to maximum speed time 18s
    Deceleration time from maximum speed 18s
    Power 250W
    Noise ≤60db(A)
    Weight 12Kg
    Power Supply 220VAC±10% 50-60Hz
    Volume (length × width × height) 360mm*245mm*230mm
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