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H1850R1 high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

Product ID:SYFLCQlx004

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberH1850R1
    Features :
    1.Microprocessor control, touch panel , digital (LED) or large -screen LCD display (LCD) ( user optional ) , DC inverter motor, no carbon dust pollution , import refrigeration compressor unit .
    2.has a rotor automatic identification , to prevent overspeed use .
    3.with electronic door locks, improve operational safety.
    4.has 10 kinds of program storage.
    5.with rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration function , the fastest rise time of 20 seconds , the fastest deceleration time of 18 seconds, you can select a different time landing speed .
    6.RCF value is automatically calculated .
    7.both high-speed centrifugation , but the low-speed large-capacity centrifugal , a multifunction machine . 
    Technical parameters:
    Maximum speed  18500r/min  Total power  1kw
     Maximum relative centrifugal force  23797xg  Power supply  Ac220V 50Hz 15A
     Maximum capacity  4×1000ml machine noise  <65dB(A)
     Speed Accuracy  ±50r/min Weight  90kg
    Temperature setting range  -20~+40 Temperature Accuracy ±1.5
    Ascending/descending speed time 20s/18s  Door lock type  Electronicdoor lock
    Timing range  0~9h 59min  Centrifugal chamber diameter  420mm
    Motor  DC inverter motor Display  LCD / digital screen
    Cooling System  CFC-free refrigeration
     Chamber temperature  -20~+40
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