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KFNIR-170 handheld near- infrared spectroscopy

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  • Model NumberKFNIR-170
    Brand NameWCYT
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    KFNIR-170 handheld near- infrared spectroscopy applied to solids ( fiber , sheet, granules , powder , etc. ) sample site fast, non-destructive, qualitative / quantitative detection . The instrument is equipped with an LCD touch screen, full Chinese operating system , the wavelength range of 950nm ~ 1650nm, compact and lightweight, built-in battery , the scene quickly seized to satisfy needs. In the textile fibers , agricultural products, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical testing, and other fields have a wide application .
    Instrument features:
    1. Embedded operating system , implemented independently spectra measured chemometric analysis , test results query functions
    2. handheld design , compact and lightweight, built-in high -capacity battery , to meet the needs of rapid detection site
    3. Optional variety of measurement accessories to meet the needs of multi-form sample testing
    4. Intelligent instrument has a self-test and calibration system , users can run real-time understanding the state of the instrument to ensure the authenticity of the measurement results
    5. Chinese operating system , easy to operate , without special training , users can easily control instruments
    6. Provide powerful spectrum view , spectrum processing and statistical analysis spectra
    7. Integrated chemometrics function, to achieve sample qualitative identification , quantitative prediction , spectral matching function

    Technical parameters:
    No. Name Specification
    1 Wavelength range 950nm1650nm
    2 Spectral resolution 12.5nm@1000nm
    3 Analysis time ≤5 s
    4 Storage quantity 99 groups
    5 Simultaneous analysis 12
    6 Storage spectrum 2000
    8 Light life 18000 h
    9 Communication Interface USB2.0
    10 Temperature Range 540
    11 Humidity range 5%95%
    12 Probe Dimensions 40mm
    13 Operating system Embedded Control Systems
    14 LCD 4.3 inch
    15 Storage space 4G
    16 Power supply DC16.8V
    17 Dimensions ( L × W × H ) 200mm×143mm×200mm
    18 Instrument Weight 0.85kg
  • KFNIR-170 handheld near-infrared spectrum analyzer is suitable for fast, non-destructive, qualitative / quantitative detection of solid (fiber, sheet, granule, powder, etc.) samples on site. KFNIR-170 handheld near-infrared spectrum analyzer is equipped with LCD touch screen, wavelength range 950nm ~ 1650nm, lightweight and compact, built-in battery, to meet the needs of fast inspection on site It is widely used in the fields of textile fiber, agricultural and sideline products, fine chemical industry, and pharmaceutical testing.
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