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CS1120 high-power electrochemical workstation

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    CS1120 high-power electrochemical workstation
    Brief introduction:
    Conventional CS series electrochemical workstation can realize general 15 v / 2 a power output. When need high power output (1000 w) or less, can through the conventional series of electrochemical workstation and high-power expander, CS1120 high-power electrochemical workstation to implement only simple cable connection, easy to operate.
    CS1120 electrochemical workstation supports high-power power battery power, electroplating, and other fields of application. Normal work, the tank pressure output can achieve maximum plus or minus 50 v, output current maximum plus or minus 20. A, maximum output power is 1000 w.
    When using the instrument, WE/CE on the voltage of up to 50 v, operation should be careful, guard against electric shock.
    When not connect power amplifier, instrument can be used as a routine
    Technical parameters
    Constant potential potential control areas: plus or minus 10 v
    Constant current control range: plus or minus 20 a
    Potential accuracy: 0.2% plus or minus 1 mv x full scale readings
    Current accuracy: 0.5% by full scale readings
    Pressure tank: plus or minus 50 v
    The maximum output current: 20 a
    Reference electrode input impedance: 1012 w | | 100 pf
    Communication interface: isolation, USB interface
    Overall dimensions (cm) : 430 (W) X 380 (D) X 125 (H)
    Instrument weight: 14.5 Kg

  • The CS1120 high-power electrochemical workstation supports applications in high-power power batteries and electroplating. In normal operation, the maximum slot voltage output can reach ±50V, the output current is up to ±20A, and the maximum output power can reach 1000W.
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