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CHI660E series electrochemical workstation

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    Model NumberCHI660E
    Brief introduction:
    1. CHI660E series for common electrochemical measurement system. With fast digital signal generator, high speed data acquisition system, voltage current signal filter, multi-stage signal gain, iR drop compensation circuit, and the potentiostat/constant current meter (E). Potential scope for ± 10 v, current range is ± 250 ma. Current measurement threshold below 50 pa. Can be applied directly to amd electrode on the steady current measurements. If connected to the micro CHI200 current amplifier and shielding box, measurable 1 pa or lower current.
    2. If the connection with CHI680 large current amplifier, current range can be widen to ± 2 a. CHI660E series instruments is also very fast. The update rate of the signal generator for 10 MHZ, two synchronous data acquisition using 16-bit high resolution low noise AD converter, dual channel at the same time, the highest rate of 1 MHZ sampling. Dual channel synchronous current potential sampling can accelerate the rate of impedance measurement. Some experimental methods of time scales can be up to ten orders of magnitude, dynamic range is very broad.
    3. The scanning speed of cyclic voltammetry for 1000 v/s., potential increment is only 0.1 mV, when the scanning speed is 5000 v/s, the potential increment of 1 mV. And as ac impedance measurement frequency up to 1 MHZ, the frequency of the ac voltammetry can reach 10 KHZ. Instruments can be work in two, three, or four electrodes. Four electrode electrochemical measurement, can be used for liquid/liquid interface for high current or low impedance electrolytic cell (e.g., battery) is also very important, can eliminate the measuring error caused by the cable and contact resistance.
    4. Instrument and external signal input channel, synchronization, a 16-bit high resolution sampling of the maximum rate of 1 MHZ. In the record of electrochemical signals at the same time external input voltage signal, such as spectrum signal. The electrochemical experiments such as spectrum is extremely convenient.
    Technical indicators:
    Potential range: ± 10 v
    Potential control precision: < ± 1 mV
    Potential control noise: < 0.01 mV
    Potential rise time: < 1 millisecond
    Pressure tank: ± 12 V
    Three or four electrode electrode Settings
    Scope: current 250 mA
    Reference electrode input impedance: 1 ´ 1012 ohms
    Sensitivity: 1 ´ 10-12-0.1 A total of 12 A/V range
    Input offset current: < 50 pA
    Current measurement resolution: 0.00015% range
    CV of the minimum potential increment: 0.1 mV
    Potential update rate: 10 m Hz
    Fast data acquisition: dual channel synchronization 16-bit resolution/1 MHZ
    External voltage input signal recording channels
    Automatic and manual iR drop compensation
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