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ALW-QZXD 800 X-ray crystal orientation instrument

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    Model NumberALW-QZXD 800
    The instrument is a dual-stage, around the table can meet the 2 ~ 8-inch wafer measurement, repeatability ± 3 ". Determination of single crystal peak position angle, used in industrial production of the general requirements.
    Computer analysis system consists of computer, data analysis software. The real-time data analysis and processing of the peak-shaped curve to be processed, and then get the peak position angle, through the computer screen in the form of tables and curves, the general sample measured once 20 seconds (scan range 2o), measurable once or repeatedly. The instrument angular accuracy of ± 15 ", the smallest study 1".
    Technical Parameters:
    Input Power: Single-phase AC 220V, 50Hz, 0.25kW.
    X-ray tube: copper target, fan cooling, anode grounded.
    The maximum tube voltage and current: 30kV, 5mA continuously adjustable.
    Detector: Counter. Operating voltage up to DC1000V; or flashing detector,
                          Operating voltage up to DC1200V.
    Time constant: 1 (fast), 2 (slow) two files.
    Angle range: 2θ = -10 ° ~ 120 °, θ = -5 ° ~ 60 °
    Angle readings: digital display in degrees, minutes, seconds that the minimum reading of 1 "
    The numeric display is displayed in degrees with a minimum reading of 0.001 °
    Angle adjustment: digital display can be placed at any angle.
    Main Shutter: Automatic.
    Dashboard: Angle display, ray intensity table.
    Comprehensive accuracy: double diffractive type Comprehensive accuracy ± 15 "or ± 30"
                        (Measured with a standard quartz plate)
    Overall dimensions: 1132 (L) × 642 (W) × 1460 (H) mm
    Weight: 300kg
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