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TQ-880 anti-corrosion densitometer

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    Model NumberTQ-880
    TQ-880 anti-corrosion densitometer
    The TQ-880 series online density (concentration) sensor is a high-precision density (concentration) measuring instrument based on the static pressure principle introduced by Beijing WorldCom Technology Co., Ltd.
    The TQ-880 series in-line density (concentration) sensor is a continuous online measuring instrument for liquid density, mainly used for industrial process automation control. The corresponding 4-20 mA analog signal is generated according to the change of the medium density, and the digital signal can be converted and output for remote calibration and monitoring. Density can be expressed as: Brix, GL, Baume, Plato, and percent concentration, depending on the industrial process.
    The TQ-880 series of online density (concentration) sensors can be widely used in industrial sites such as on-site pipelines, open or closed storage tanks, and can continuously and in real-time measure the liquid density of pipelines or tanks.
    1. Direct density or concentration readings, available engineering units include:
    g/cm3, kg/m3, specific gravity, °Brix, °Baume, °Plato, °GL, percent solids, etc.
    2. Suitable for flowing or stationary liquids
    3. Suitable for tank density measurement
    4. Two-wire system uses 4-20mA/Hart output
    5. Adopt integrated structure, no moving parts
    6. Standard industrial and sanitary process connections
    7. Converter can be equipped with GPRS wireless remote transmission function
    8. Meter built-in temperature sensor for accurate temperature compensation
    9. Online remote verification, digital local display
    10. Factory multi-point linear correction, higher precision
    11. On-site recalibration: no standard reference source, no experimental calibration, no process interruption
    12. The converter is compatible with wall mount, embedded and desktop installation methods.
    13. The converter uses a touch screen display, the interface is more friendly
    Technical Parameters:
    Measuring range: Range 1: 0-1.5. 5g/cm3 Range 2: 0-2g/cm3
    Range 3: 0-3g/cm3
    Accuracy class: Class A: ±0.001 g/cm3B class: ±0.005 g/cm3
    Class C: ±0.01 g/cm3
    Stability within 12 months: 0.021×10-3 g/cm3
    Ambient temperature influence (per 10 ° C): 0.003 × 10 -3 g / cm3
    Static pressure effect (1kgf/cm): 0.001×10-3 g/cm3c The system error is eliminated by calibration at static pressure
    Power supply impact: ±0.005 % calibration range / volt
    Electromagnetic interference effects: Design meets IEC801 and European standard EN50081EN50082
    Temperature: Pt1000 (-40-3000 ° C)
    Output signal: 2-wire system with 4-20mA/Hart output
    Power supply: Sensor supply: 24V DC converter power supply: 24V DC or 220V AC
    Indication: LCD display in place
    Temperature range: Environment: -40-85 °C Process: -40-100 ° C
     Normal work: -40-85 ° C
    Start time: 0.2 seconds
    Humidity range: 0-100%RH
    Temperature compensation: Automatic Pt1000
    Process connection: Hygienic: 316L SST clamp connection Industrial type: 316L SST flange connection
    Liquid contact part: 316L, Hastelloy, tantalum diaphragm optional
    Non-liquid contacting part: Filling solution: silicone oil (DC200/350, DC200/20, DC704) Syltherm800 or Glycerin/water
    Structure: Pipe or tank installation
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