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OPTC series precision optical platform

Product ID:GSYgxpt003

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberOPTC
    Technical features:
    1 ferromagnetic stainless steel table, a special processing technology to ensure a higher degree of flatness, astigmatism effect is good, not dazzling
    2 can be absorbed magnetic, with the use of magnetic base can be fixed at any position
    3 surface array M6 thread hole, hole distance 25mm, convenient installation and fixing device
    4 double layer structure, the core of the honeycomb support, increase rigidity, reduce weight, good vibration resistance
    5 platform roughness: 0.8-1.6 M
    6 platform Flatness: 0.02-0.08mm/m2
    7 natural frequency: 0.88-1.0Hz
    8 amplitude less than 1 m
    9 level accuracy: 0.04mm/ M2
    10 working pressure: 0.2-0.5 (Mpa)
    Table size (mm) (AxB) Thickness (mm) (C) Hole distance (mm) aperture Weight (kg)
    300x300 50 25x25 M6 10
    300x600 50 25x25 M6 20
    300x900 50 25x25 M6 30
    300x1200 50 25x25 M6 40
    600x600 50 25x25 M6 40
    600x900 50 25x25 M6 60
    600x1200 50 25x25 M6 80
    900x900 50 25x25 M6 90
    900x1200 50 25x25 M6 120
    900x2000 50 25x25 M6 125
    1200x1200 50 25x25 M6 130
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