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ONH-3000 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer for Steel inspection

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  • Model NumberONH-3000
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    ONH-3000 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer
    Instrument Introduction:
    ONH-3000 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer, it is a leading level of high technology of oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer. It has two independent high oxygen was detected in the infrared detection and low oxygen pool, a detection of nitrogen and hydrogen dual range of thermal conductivity pool. Pulse furnace adopts the circulating water cooling, the sample in the high power pulse in the graphite crucible furnace heating can reach above 3000 ℃ high temperature, Has a high sensitivity, good performance, measurement range and analysis results are accurate and reliable. ONH - 3000 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer is a rapid and accurate determination of solid inorganic materials in the content of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and specially designed and manufactured, in the process of analysis can automatically switch from low to high range.
    Technical features:
    1. Range: O: 0.0~2%; N: 0.0~2%; H: 0.0~0.1%
    2. Sensitivity: O: 0.1μg/g; N: 0.1μg/g; H: 0.01μg/g
    3. Repeatability: O: 2μg/g or 2%; N: 2μg/g or 2%; H: 0.2μg/g or 2%
    4. Sample mass: 1g (Sample mass can be changed according to the content)
    5. Analysis time: about 3 min
    6. Carrier gas: High purity helium for O/N, high purity nitrogen for H
    7. Pneumatic gas: Nitrogen or compressed air
    8. Structure: Modular Structure, including analyzer, computer, electronic balance*, printer*, water circulate chillers*.
    Note: * is optional.
    9. Detection system: Solid state Infrared detector is used for Oxygen. Thermo-conductivity detector is used for Nitrogen & Hydrogen.
    Infrared Cells: Two IR cells are installed in the analyzer. The length of each cell can be customized according to the content of samples
    Detector: Solid-state pyroelectric detector made in Germany
    Motor: Synchronous motor made in Swiss
    Source: Anti-oxide, stable IR emitter made in US
    Temperature control: Keep constant temperature in the whole infrared unit to make sure the temperature of detected gas to be stable and the results to be accurate
    Protecting gas: Infrared emitter and the detector are separated from the ambient by nitrogen, which can improve the stability and the accuracy
    Thermo-conductivity (TCD) detecting unit: Anti-oxide NTC thermistor
    Signal processing: Small current control technique is developed to make sure the thermistors can be used without carrier gas
    Reference gas circuit: Low flow control technique is used
    10. Gas flow control: High sensitive and accurate electric flow control technique based on the low pressure difference is applied,and Anti-Overshoot System is applied;
    11. Pulse heating electrode furnace: Power: Max.8KVA, Temperature: Max.3000°C.
    12. Calibration: 1) Fast calibration 2) Normal calibration
    13. Power: 220VAC 10%, 50/60Hz, current max. 50A (Max.10KW). 
    Parameters configuration: 
    1. Parameters of outgassing, analyzing, flux etc can be setup according to the sample characteristic.
    2. Analyzing method with parameters and calibration curve can be established separately according to different samples and can be stored into the database. 
    Diagnostic function: 
    1) Cooling water temperature feedback and display
    2) Voltage and current of the furnace feedback and display
    3) Catalyst heaters temperature feedback and display
    4) Valves action feedback and display
    5) IR baseline and TCD baseline adjustment and display
    6) Furnace adjustment 
    1) Analyzing results can be display quickly;
    2) Data can be stored into the disk automatically after analyzing;
    3) Releasing plot is drawn dynamically;
    4) Sample mass can be transfer from balance into computer automatically;
    5) Analyzing results are calculated by the calibration curve either in high content channel or in low content channel according to sample content, the selection will be done by software automatically; 
    Data processing:
    1) ACCESS is used as database to manage and store the data.
    2) Inquiring, statistic, printing can be done.
    3) Data can be sorted by date or name.
    4) Releasing plots can be analyzed.
    Typical data:
    Sample No. O content N content H content
    1 0.00878 0.00315 0.000591
    2 0.00882 0.00319 0.000577
    3 0.00865 0.00321 0.000592
    4 0.00870 0.00316 0.000580
    5 0.00900 0.00312 0.000558
  • The ONH-3000 Oxygen Nitrogen Analyzer is specially designed and manufactured for the fast and accurate determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in solid inorganic materials. It can automatically switch from low range to high range during the analysis.
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