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MD-S650 intelligent digital display pressure switch

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    Model NumberMD-S650
    MD-S650 intelligent digital display pressure switch
    The MD-S650 intelligent pressure switch is an intelligent pressure switch that integrates pressure measurement, display and control. It has a variety of intelligent functions: one-key clearing, multiple pressure unit switching, and motion hysteresis setting.
    The MD-S650 intelligent pressure switch is easy to adjust and easy to install. Two sets of relays are built in, and each set of control points normally opens normally closed double control points. It can meet the requirements of high and low point control of various gases and liquids. At the same time, various operation functions such as clearing, calibrating, replacing the display unit, and setting the return difference can be realized.
    The intelligent pressure switch is equipped with a high-precision instrumentation amplifier to amplify the pressure signal, and the built-in temperature sensor temperature compensation is a high-precision device for detecting pressure and liquid level signals and realizing pressure and liquid level monitoring.
    The MD-S650 intelligent pressure switch has stable performance and can be widely used in automation systems for measuring pressure such as mechanical and chemical engineering and automatic control systems.
    * 4-digit LED shows the current pressure value;
    * Pressure units can be selected according to customer needs: Mpa, PSI, Kpa;
    * Output two-way relay switch quantity, each set of independent hysteresis can be set;
    * The user can adjust the dead zone without any pressure alarm point within the full range;
    * Easy to adjust and flexible to use;
    * High-precision AD and high-speed microprocessor, fully digital design;
    * 304 stainless steel joint, custom threaded interface
    * Adopt high-precision pressure sensor with high precision, small hysteresis, fast response, stable and reliable;
    * Long-term stability: 0.2% FS / year
    Technical Parameters
    Pressure range: -1bar~0...10bar...100bar...600bar
    Overload capability: 150%
    Output relay capacity: 220Vac 5A, 24Vdc 5A
    Power supply: 24V DC 220V AC optional
    Setting range: Monitoring points can be set for the whole range, and the independent return can be set.
    Sampling rate: 10 times / sec
    Accuracy: better than 0.5%
    Measuring medium: non-corrosive gas, liquid for 304 stainless steel
    Long-term stability: ±0.25% FSO/yea
    Medium temperature: -20~+85°C
    Ambient temperature: -20~+85°C
    Storage temperature: -20~+100°C
    Certification: CE certification
    Wiring protection: reverse polarity and short circuit protection
    Sealing performance: better than IP65
    Interface size: Interface thread M20*1.5 G1/4 (customizable interface)

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