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MD-S600E Digital Pressure Controller

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    Model NumberMD-S600E
    MD-S600E Digital Pressure Controller
    The MD-S600E pressure controller is a 60mm 304 housing digital pressure controller. It integrates pressure measurement, display and control into a high-precision intelligent controller. The main applications are various water treatment systems, electromechanical equipment automation, and construction machinery. , medical equipment and other industries fully automatic control operation.
    It can measure: water, air, hydraulic oil and other media that are non-corrosive to stainless steel.
    The main functions realized are low pressure closing, high pressure opening (or low pressure opening, high pressure closing) function;
    In the system function, you can set password protection, reverse control, leakage protection, time protection, delay action, etc. It is a true intelligent pressure controller.
    ☆ The upper and lower limits of the two pressure control points can be freely set and adjusted to meet different control requirements.
    ☆ 4-digit LED real-time digital display pressure value, easy for users to observe.
    ☆ Three pressure units are available for switching.
    ☆ Built-in relay signal output, anti-backlash setting to avoid frequent movement of the controlled device.
    ☆ The service life is longer than the traditional mechanical switch, and it will not be ineffective for long-term use.
    ☆ Control accuracy is higher than traditional mechanical switches, no noise.
    ☆ Shockproof, strong anti-interference, fast response and stable performance.
    Technical Parameters
    Pressure range: 0-0.2...0.6...1.0...1.6...2.5...5...10...25.Mpa
    Micro pressure range: 0-5kPa...10...25...50...100kPa
    Output form: Relay output, normally open normally closed
    Output relay capacity: 220V AC 5A, 24VDC 10A
    Power supply: 12VDC; 24V DC;
    Setting range: The control point can be set for the full range segment and the anti-fluctuation hysteresis setting can be set.
    Accuracy: 0.5% FS
    Measuring medium: gas, water, oil
    Operating temperature: -20 ~ 65 ° C
    Interface size: G1/2 (four-way water pipe thread)
                                         M20*1.5 (pressure gauge interface)
                                         G1/4 (two-pipe thread)

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