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MAX2000-Pro Fiber Spectrometer

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  • Model NumberMAX2000-Pro
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    The MAX2000-Pro fiber spectrometer (also known as portable spectrometer / miniature spectrometer) has high sensitivity, high quantum efficiency and high dynamic range, and can respond to the deep UV band (~ 185-300nm). The MAX2000-Pro uses the Hamamatsu back-illuminated area-array FFT-CCD and is perfect for applications that require high quantum efficiency and wider spectrum.
           The MAX2000-Pro is a perfect combination of the Hamamatsu ARBT back-illuminated FFT-CCD. The EX raster combines many of the advantages of low electronic noise, high UV sensitivity, high quantization efficiency, high dynamic range and ultra-wideband Low light detection, UV sensitive and broad band needs of the field of choice.
           Has the widest 185-1150 nm rich band.
           MAX2000-Pro common models, EX full-spectrum models and DUV deep UV variety to choose from.
    Technical Parameters:   
    Size (mm): 115 * 158 * 46.5
    Weight (g): 800
    Detector: Hamamatsu S10420-1106 back-illuminated, area array FFT-CCD
    Detector response range (nm): 185-1100
    Effective Pixels: 2048 X 64
    Pixel Size (μm): 14 um square
    Detector area (mm): width 28.672, height 0.896
    A / D conversion: 16, 500kHz
    Integration time: 11 ms - 5 seconds
    Sensitivity (V / lx • s): ~ 0.32 Counts / e-
    Optical system: F / 4, f / 4, symmetrical cross-light path
    Focal length (mm): 100 mm
    Slit size (μm): 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, etc., or no slit (custom)
    Gratings: Scribing or holographic gratings with the same blazing wavelength for a variety of different parameters (customizable)
    Cylindrical mirror s: optional
    Eliminate secondary spectral filters: Bandpass or longpass filters to eliminate secondary spectrum
    Optical fiber and its connection interface: NA 0.22, SMA905
    Spectral wavelength test range: dependent on grating selection, 185 ~ 1100nm
    Spectral Resolution (nm): ~ 0.035-8.4 nm FWHM (Determined by grating constant, slit width, detector type, etc.)
    SNR: 500: 01: 00 (full scale range)
    Wavelength tolerance: PWH * 20%
    Integration time: 1 millisecond to 2 seconds
    Dynamic range: 300
    Stray light: <0.05% at 600 nm; <0.10% at 435 nm
    Correction linearity:> 99.8%
    Power consumption: 500 mA × 5 V DC
    Data transfer rate: Full spectrum read into memory time via USB 2.0 interface 3.0 ms
    computer configuration
    Operating System Windows / XP (32-bit)
    Data transfer interface USB 2.0 (480Mbps), compatible with USB 1.1

  • Introduction:
    MAX2000-Pro fiber spectrometer (also known as portable spectrometer / micro spectrometer) has high sensitivity, high quantization efficiency and high dynamic range, and can respond to the deep ultraviolet band (~ 185-300nm). The MAX2000-Pro fiber spectrometer uses a Hamamatsu back-illuminated area array FFT-CCD, which can be perfectly applied to those fields that require high quantization efficiency and wider spectral bands.
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