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EU5000C research-grade refrigeration spectrometer

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    EU5000C is the company's newly developed research-grade refrigeration spectrometer, the core of which is the application of HAMAMATSU TE-cooled back-illuminated refrigeration CCD detector, the second is symmetrical low stray light path design. Relative to the general high-precision fast spectrometer, with high sensitivity, low stray light, wide dynamic range, high repeatability stability and so on. Apply to the company scientific research, national local photoelectric laboratory and professional testing organizations.
    (1) Very low stray light
    Combining the latest optical path design technology to achieve the perfect match between the optical path and the sensor, combined with Tung's original FCT technology and NIST stray light correction technology dialectical combination of EU3000T stray light level than the original level by more than an order of magnitude.
    (2) high sensitivity
    The EU5000C uses HAMAMATSU's top science-class high-sensitivity array detector, a back-illuminated CCD sensor with excellent features such as internal TE cooling and BINNING.
    Technical Parameters:
    Optical parameters
    Spectral range: 380nm ~ 780nm
    Spectral bandwidth: 2nm
    Spectral measurement interval: 1nm
    Wavelength accuracy: 0.2nm
    Linear: 0.5%
    Repeatability: 0.2%
    Stray light: 1.00E-04
    Signal to noise ratio: 1000: 1
    Detector: HAMAMATSU back-illuminated refrigeration CCD detector
    Photosensitive unit: 1024chx58ch
    Cell size: 24 μm × 24 μm
    Cooling temperature: -5
    Color coordinate accuracy: ± 0.0015
    Color coordinate repeatability: ± 0.0003
    Electrical parameters
    AD resolution: 16bit
    Communication Interface: USB2.0
    Power: AC110V ~ 240V (50Hz / 60Hz)
    Software performance
    Integration time: 6ms ~ 2000ms, 1ms interval
    Operating System Environment: Windows: XP, 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)

  • EU5000C is a scientific research-grade refrigerated spectrometer. The core is the TE-cooled back-illuminated CCD detector using HAMAMATSU. EU5000C scientific research refrigeration spectrometer has the advantages of high sensitivity, low stray light, wide dynamic range, high repeatability stability, etc. The EU5000C scientific research refrigeration spectrometer is suitable for company scientific research, national and local photoelectric laboratories and professional testing institutions.
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