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JSC-511 petroleum products mechanical impurities detector

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    Model NumberJSC-511
    JSC-511 Petroleum Products Mechanical Impurity Tester is designed according to the requirements of the People's Republic of China GB / T511 "Determination of mechanical impurities of petroleum products and additives (Gravimetric method)", applicable to the determination of petroleum in accordance with the requirements of GB / T 511 Products of various types of light, heavy oil, lubricants and additives, mechanical impurities content.
    Technical Parameters:
    1, working power: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz.
    2, water bath heating power: 2.0KW.
    3, water bath temperature range: room temperature ~ 90 (temperature set at will)
    4, water bath temperature display: LED digital display.
    5, temperature control accuracy of water bath: ≤ ± 1 .
    6, Dimensions: 800 × 335 × 490 (L × W × H)
    7, the ambient temperature: ≤ 35 .
    8, relative humidity: ≤ 85%.
    9, the whole power consumption: ≤2.0 KW.
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