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DYH-155 crude oil and fuel oil sediment analyzer

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    Model NumberDYH-155
    The instrument is based on national standards "GB / T531 crude oil and fuel oil sediment assay (extraction method)" design and manufacture. Oil in the sediment analyzer is suitable for toluene extraction to determine the crude oil and fuel oil sediment content.
    The instrument consists of a condenser, extraction sleeve, sleeve hanging baskets, cups and electric heating plate. Reply board color digital voltage regulator, digital timer off, no open flame, safe and reliable, easy to use.
    Executive Standard: GB / T6531
    Technical Parameters:
    Heating power: up to 400W
    Digital regulator: 0 ~ 220V adjustable
    Timing range: 1 ~ 99 minutes
    Input voltage: AC 220V ± 10%; 50Hz
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