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EX1700 Ultra high performance liquid chromatography

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    Main parameters 
    EX1700 Transfusion unit 
    liquid delivery system Two parallel plunger reciprocating infusion, automatic pulse suppression system
    Flow rate range 0.001~5.000mL/min
    Max output pressure 60MPa(0.001~2.5 mL/min)
    flow accuracy <±1%(0.5~2.5mL/min)
    The velocity precision RSD<0.07%(1 mL/min)
    Size /weight 300(w)×450(D)×150(H),about 18kg

    EX1700 gradient system
    mixing principle With different velocity gradient ratio of double pump control
    The number of mobile phase 2~4(Equipped with solvent switching valve)
    Accuracy of hybrid +2% 
    EX1700 UV-detector
      EX1700UV EX1700UV-VIS
    optical system  Double beam system
    light source  deuterium lamp The deuterium lamp + tungsten lamp
    Wavelength range  190~700nm 190~900nm
    wavelength accuracy <±1nm
    spectral bandwidth 6nm
    Noise 0.6×10-5AU(254nm)
    drifting 1×10-4AU(254nm)
    flow cell 3.5ul(6mmoptical path)
    response time 0.1,0.2,0.5 ,1,2 Five grade adjustable
    Wavelength time application Any wavelength changes in time
    GLP function  Lamp use time,Deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp energy record
    Size /weight 300(w)×450(D)×150(H),  about 15kg 
    EX1700 column oven 
      EX1700COI EX1700CO
    Temperature control principle Air circulation heating
    Set temperature range 10~85 4~85
    Temp Range Above room temperature 10~85 Below room temperature 10~85
    Precision of
    temperature control
    Install the
    chromatographic column
    Size /weight 300(w)×450(D)×150(H), about 12kg 140(w)×450(D)×450(H), about 17kg
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