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ETCG-1 cold atomic absorption mercury measurement instrument

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  • Model NumberETCG-1
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    ETCG-1 cold atomic absorption mercury measurement instrument
    Brief introduction:
    This intelligent mercury detector, single chip microcomputer, data storage, working curve drawing automatically, and other functions together into a powerful mercury detector, the instrument using cold atomic absorption method, based on the element mercury at room temperature, heating conditions, can evaporate into the mercury vapour, and the wavelength of 253.7 nm ultraviolet (uv) light has strong absorption, in a certain range, the concentration of mercury and is proportional to the absorption values, conform to the law of bill. Direct measurement of mercury content, directly read concentration measurement. Cold atomic absorption mercury measurement instrument is suitable for the environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, water, chemical and other industries for measuring the water, air, soil, food, cosmetic, chemical raw materials, the content of mercury in.
    1. Imported sensors, large screen color touch screen, operation simple and convenient.
    2. The built-in mercury testing standard curve, the user can work curve calibration and automatic storage is very convenient.
    3. Controlled by single chip microcomputer and computing technology, directly shows that: the concentration of mercury ng/l, temperature and humidity. Don't need to manual calculation.
    4. Instrument have storage capabilities, will be stored automatically 256 groups of measured data.
    5. The instrument has data query functions, can be directly query the value date, time, measurement.
    6. The instrument has a communication interface, can through the USB interface data import computer print and save.
    Technical indicators
    1. Measuring principle: cold atomic absorption method.
    2. Automatic calculation directly read mercury concentration, do not need the user conversion.
    3. The measuring range: 0-10 ng/ml (more than 10 ng/ml to dilute can measure).
    Temperature: - 20 - 60 ℃. Humidity: 10-95% RH
    4. Check out the floor: 0.02 ng/ml
    5. The linear correlation coefficient, R 0.995 or higher
    6. At the same time, according to mercury concentration ng/ml, temperature, humidity
    7. Color touch screen, time date memory
    8. A data query function, 256 groups of data storage, and * with USB interface.
    9. The instrument has a working curve calibration function, according to user needs to be automatically saved
    Working curve, the next boot using the last curve directly measured directly.
    10. The flow adjusting range: 0-2.5 L/min
    11. The power supply voltage: 220 v + 10%
    12. The instrument appearance size: 410 * 400 * 400 mm3
    13. Using the environment temperature: 0 to 40 ℃

  • ETCG-1 cold atomic absorption mercury analyzer is suitable for environmental monitoring, sanitation and epidemic prevention, tap water, chemical industry and other industries to measure the mercury content in water, air, soil, food, cosmetics and chemical raw materials.
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