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CX-DJ30T hydraulic comparison type 30 ton hook scale performance evaluation device

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    Model NumberCX-DJ30T
    Product overview:
    1. The performance evaluation device of microcomputer controlled hydraulic pressure comparison for 30 tons hook balance is a new type of test equipment independently developed by our company after summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of relevant test devices at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of new appearance, reasonable structure, convenient use, good stability and high equipment strength.
    2. The biggest feature of the machine is the use of hydraulic cylinder on the design, the use of European virtue universal principle of direct servo automatic control, directly driven by the cylinder reaction frame lifting load, the host force system is more reasonable.
    This machine USES the moving beam, may adjust the test space conveniently, the operation is simple, the examination efficiency is high.
    3. The machine adopts the servo closed-loop control technology developed and manufactured by our company for many years and has obtained the national patent (patent no. 200920073920.0, a sensor detection device, superposition machine patent), which is a high-tech product integrating various technical achievements.
    It has high degree of automation, accurate loading, low fluctuation of force value and low working noise.
    4. Automatic loading mode: the computer automatically cycles loading step by step according to the software setting, automatically reads the value of the sensor under test, automatically saves the test results, and automatically generates the test report.
    5. Manual loading method: manually load and record the value of the sensor under test step by step, or automatically read the value of the sensor under test step by step, automatically save the test results, and automatically generate the test report.
    6. Software system:
    A) test unit dedicated software, the domestic most advanced specialized software, to meet the requirements of the national metrological verification regulations, a real-time data acquisition processing, computing, storage, and original records and certificates of printing function, can automatically calculate the various technical indexes, and provide data interface can be in accordance with the requirements, convenient for metrology units directly read the test result of management software, to automatically generate the corresponding test report, the operation is convenient.
    B) the software of the machine can realize full automatic detection, or manual control through the touch screen, and equipped with automatic fault judgment shutdown system and artificial emergency stop device.
    C) using the national instruments LABVIEW software design, the company of the LABVIEW system has good maneuverability and excellent stability, friendly interface and control, test all humanized graphical interface can reduce man-made wrong operation, is currently the world's top industrial control system, and widely used in national defense automatic trajectory control in areas such as aerospace, etc.
    D) high sampling rate, up to 10MHz sampling rate, good filtering ability and intelligent communication system, can easily collect various types of instrument data, and directly display on the computer, to achieve automatic calibration;
    No digital interface or communication port or pointer instrument can automatically identify the pointer position directly through the camera, automatically read the value, and achieve automatic measurement and calibration.
    E) stable control. The controller is packaged in the United States and can be maintained for 5 years without maintenance. Because the universal parts are used, the maintenance cost is low and the maintenance efficiency is high.
    F) convenient monitoring. Supervisors can check the on-site test status and test data through the network at any time on their computers
    7. Frame: movable beam type, adjustable test space.
    8. Standard sensor: HBM RTNC3 series 30t original imported sensor
    9. Multiple safety protection measures: set upper and lower limit protection of moving beam
    Set up standard sensor range protection
    Set the measuring range protection of the sensor under test
    Electrical protection of servo drivers
    Hydraulic protection of hydraulic sensor
    Manual emergency protection of emergency stop button
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