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CA100D Rotary Contact Angle Tester for Infiltration analysis

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    CA100D Rotary Contact Angle Tester Fully automatic 360 degree to whole rotary type, fully automatic sampler, fully automatic calculation of contact angle, user-friendly design, to ensure high repeatability and stability of results.
    1: The overall mechanical structure of the instrument is made of all-metal aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable; the modular design of the components is convenient for users to disassemble and assemble, to meet the different precision requirements of users.
    2: Threaded adjustable four-corner platform. It is convenient for users to place on any uneven platform, and can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure the level of the droplet platform.
    3: Unique camera mounting bracket, wide front and rear telescopic distance; user-friendly PTFE ring camera housing to prevent front and rear movement scratching the camera; hexagonal screw fastening structure,
    It is convenient for users to fasten the camera to prevent camera shake.
    4: Humanized ball screw and guide rail technology ensure the rapid movement of the liquid droplet platform back and forth and the right and left movement, and also take into account the movement accuracy, manual movement accuracy error 0.01mm;
    The wide moving space, adjustable front and rear movement range of up to 80mm, allows users to move the camera and sample stage to an optimal position.
    5: Adjustable horizontal sample carrier, convenient for users to adjust the sample stage to the horizontal state.
    6: Droplet manual differential head and micro-injector titration method with an accuracy of 0.1uL; clear scale, easy to use; configuration of needle locking structure; optional stainless steel, PTFE, etc.
    A variety of material needles to meet the different needs of user materials.
    7: The wide droplet injector moves up and down, and the upper and lower adjustable range is up to 60mm.
    8: Automatic 360 degree overall rotation accuracy of up to 0.01 degrees. Support user self-programming to achieve the function of rotating an angle and capturing a photo.
    9: The backlight adopts LED cold light source technology, the brightness is continuously adjustable, the droplet profile is clearly visible; no heat is generated, avoiding long-time detection, and the droplets are evaporated by heat.
    10: The camera adopts high-performance industrial digital camera with high resolution, high precision, high definition, good color reproduction, low noise, etc. It adopts USB2.0 standard interface and directly
    Connected, no plugging, very convenient to use; the lens uses a high-resolution industrial continuous magnifying lens, the optical magnification is 0.7-4.5X; the camera's highest resolution is 2048*1536,
    25 frames per second transmission speed, user-selectable 3 million, 5 million higher resolution cameras, 100-300 frames per second ultra-high speed transmission camera.
    11: Contact angle analysis system with software copyright, powerful automatic analysis function, can test static contact angle, dynamic contact angle, advancing angle and receding angle; automatically find gas-solid liquid
    Three-phase joint point; automatic search for solid and liquid interface; provide high-volume method, single-circle fitting method, double-circle fitting method, real droplet contour method, etc.
    Provide Owens two-liquid calculation method to calculate surface free energy; powerful database data management method, convenient for users to save data in different categories, and can export pictures and data arbitrarily.
    12: Contact angle data acquisition method: automatic measurement and manual modification combined. One-button "test" button, software automatically takes pictures continuously - looking for three-phase sensitive points - calculating left and right touch
    Angle value - shows the calculation results, the whole process does not require manual intervention, minimizing the impact of human factors.
    Technical Parameters:
    Test resolution 0.01°
    Test accuracy 0.1°
    Contact angle test range 0°<θ<180°
    The sample stage moves horizontally left and right Manual stroke: 100mm
    Sample stage moves back and forth horizontally Manual stroke: 80mm
    The sample stage moves up and down Manual stroke: 10mm Accuracy: 0.01mm
    Sample table up and down lifting table Coarse 35mm stroke
    Level adjustment Horizontal foot to adjust the platform, sample stage tilt level adjustment level
    Sample stage rotation Automatic overall 360 degree rotation
    Sample stage size 80*80mm or customized
    Inlet control moves up and down Automatic liquid feed stroke: 90mm Accuracy: 0.01mm
    Camera moving left and right Itinerary: 0mm
    light source Adjustable brightness monochrome cold light LED light source
    Lens Industrial continuous magnifying lens 0.7-4.5X
    camera 1, industrial-grade black and white USB2.0 camera or select the same type of 1394 interface camera
    2, high-definition standard BMP picture format save, no image distortion or AVI video format output
    3, the highest resolution picture resolution: 2048 * 1536 (standard BMP format);
    (If you have higher requirements, please choose a camera with 3 megapixels, 5 megapixels or higher)
    4, image acquisition speed: 15 frames -40 frames / sec; (if higher requirements, can be customized to choose 1000 frames / sec or higher)
  • Introduction:
    CA100D Rotary Contact Angle Tester Fully automatic 360 degree to whole rotary type, fully automatic sampler, fully automatic calculation of contact angle, user-friendly design, to ensure high repeatability and stability of results.
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