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XDP-1FT square seat large field microscope

Product ID:GSXliti003

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    XDP-1FT square seat large field microscope
    1. Integration of visual engineering, domestic patents, exclusive production
    2. Solid optical imaging, providing 2×. 4×. 6×. 8×. 10×. 15× objective lens, can be converted freely
    3. User-friendly design, so that the operator can be observed for a long time without eye fatigue, the operation is more flexible, free from vision limitations, and improve work efficiency.
    4. Long working distance, large depth of field and field of view
    Application range:
    Electronics industry: printed circuit and component mounting, product quality control and screening, rework and soldering
    Precision engineering, plastics industry: product quality control and screening micro-welding, micro-machining, injection molding
    Medical and dental equipment manufacturing: hair follicle transplantation, finishing, installation, fine dressing, color matching, rework maintenance
    Biomedical: sample preparation, sample anatomy, microscopy operation, sample staining
    Public security system
    Technical parameters
    Objective magnification Working distance (mm) Object square field of view (mm) Configuration
    208 68
    98 34
    80 22.7
    58 17
    10× 46 13.6
    15× 50 9.1
    SL 115 22.7
    “●”  Is standard equipment   
    ”  Is optional equipment
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