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WN06RA-130-M high-precision electric rotary table for Optical laboratory

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  • Model NumberWN06RA-130-M
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    1. Stepping motor and RS232 interface are standard, and the WNSC series motion controller independently developed by the company can realize automatic control for it
    2. The rotating shaft system is precisely processed by multiple processes, with high matching accuracy, large load capacity and long service life
    3. Adopting precision-developed planetary gear structure, it is comfortable to move, it can rotate in any forward and reverse direction, and the empty return is very small.
    4. Exquisitely designed emptying back structure, which can adjust the empty back gap caused by long-term use
    5. The special structure design ensures the extremely low end jump and eccentricity of the rotating table, making the rotating movement more stable
    6. The center through hole of the rotating table has strict coaxiality requirements with the center of rotation, and the center aperture of the rotating table has strict tolerance limits, which is convenient for customers to make precise positioning
    7. The stepping motor and the gear are connected by imported high-quality elastic coupling, the transmission is synchronized, the deflection performance is good, the eccentric disturbance is greatly reduced and the noise is low.
    8. The electric rotating table can be used horizontally or vertically, and can be combined with other types of tables to form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table
    9. The limit function can be increased, the initial zero position can be increased, the servo motor can be replaced, the rotary encoder can be installed, and the product modification and customization can be accepted.
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