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USM-G2.5 Ultrasonic Gas Meter

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  • Model NumberUSM-G2.5
    Brand NameHBRY
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    The USM series ultrasonic gas meter is a smart metering instrument that uses the ultrasonic time difference method to measure the media flow rate and is suitable for the cumulative measurement of natural gas flow.
    1.Compared with membrane type, the pressure loss is small, the volume is small, the weight is light, and it is not easy to leak gas;
    2. Integrated probe, can measure gas flow, temperature, pressure and composition at the same time;
    3. Ultrasonic technology, wide range, high sensitivity and high precision;
    4. Smooth operation, no noise, no corrosion, long life;
    5. No magnetic sensor, measurement is not easily affected by the magnetic field;
    6. All-electronic type, no moving parts, stable performance, long-term use accuracy is not easy to deteriorate;
    7. Digital design, complete functions, intuitive display, easy installation;
    8. Low power consumption, built-in lithium battery / AA alkaline battery, can continue to work for a long time, easy to replace;
    Technical Parameters:
    Specification Model: USM-G2.5
    Measurement range (my/h): 0.025-4
    Interface mode: G1 1/4
    Interface spacing (mm): 130
    Size (mm): 239*151*102
    Weight (Kg): 1.1
    Battery: 3 AA alkaline batteries
    Accuracy level: 1.5
    Measurement error: ±1.5%
    Working pressure: 0-20k Pa
    Working temperature: 10°C~40°C
    Storage temperature: 20~60C
    Explosion-proof grade: Exibllbt3 Gb
    Protection class: IP65

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