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TPL-1 small spring fatigue testing machine

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    Model NumberTPL-1
    Small spring fatigue testing machine is mainly used for a variety of coil springs, disc springs and shock absorbers, spring seals, such as the fatigue life test. Widely used in spring, shock absorber production, application and other industries.
    1, according to the technical requirements of the spring, adjust the spring amplitude and frequency.
    2, LCD Chinese characters show that the number of tests and frequency according to the requirements of the program can be entered automatically.
    3, preset number of tests automatically shut down.
    4, by the motor, reducer connected to the cam connecting rod to do reciprocating motion, to achieve the compression of the spring movement.
    5, gymnastics can achieve high load, high frequency, low consumption, thereby shortening the test time and reduce test costs.
    Technical Parameters:
    Project Name: Specifications, parameters, indicators
    Product Type: TPL-1
    Maximum test force: 1000N
    Specimen maximum length: 150mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
    Specimens the largest diameter: Ф90mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
    Test frequency: 0 ~ 50Hz
    Amplitude: Max: 50mm
    Technical capacity: 9999999
    Test station: 4 (can be increased)
    Power: 220VAC 50Hz
    Power supply: 0.8kW
    Dimensions: 500 * 500 * 550mm
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