TBA muscle tenderness meter

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         Muscle tenderness is an important index for evaluating the physical properties of meat products. It reflects the structural characteristics of various proteins in meat, the distribution of fat in muscle and the amount of fat in muscle fibers. Shanghai Tengpu Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. muscle tenderness has been widely used in livestock and large meat poultry tenderness determination, in line with China's agricultural industry standard NY / T 1180-2006 meat tenderness determination standards.
    1. Test samples: livestock and large-scale poultry meat
    2. Meet the standards: Determination of tenderness in accordance with China's agricultural industry method for determination of shear force (NY / T 1180-2006) (click here to download the tender agricultural industry standards).
    3. Force sensing element determination range: 0-10kg, the use of replaceable load sensing components, 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 30kg load sensing components optional.
    4. Power Sensor Accuracy: The use of imported high-quality force sensing element, you can use third-party standard weights for verification and calibration, in line with ISO 7500 Part1 or ASTM E4 standards.
    5. Test the moving distance: 0.01-260mm, displacement accuracy: 0.01mm.
    6. Test speed: 1.00mm / s
    7. Dedicated software: Chinese and English at any time to switch between the test process, the software with real-time display box, the test process data can be displayed in real time, the user can directly observe changes in the detection of the map.
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