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SY14×85/8 zoom lens

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  • Model NumberSY14×85/8
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    SY14×85/8 zoom lens
         The lens is a mechanical compensation zoom lens, which has large effective aperture, small volume, light weight, compact structure and beautiful appearance. The imaging quality is good, the discrimination rate is high, and the color is vivid. The remote electric remote control continuously adjusts the focus, zooms and changes the aperture. Since the continuous zoom is realized, the image size taken by the same scene can be arbitrarily adjusted. It can be widely used in airports, docks, stations and other places where security is required. It can also be used for road traffic command, environmental monitoring, forest arson, border defense and military facilities, as well as multi-dimensional stereo imaging and automatic system control.
    Connection method
    Zoom ------ red, black Focus ------ blue, green Aperture ------ yellow, white
    Technical Parameters :
          Focal distance: 75~1200mm
          Field of view:
          Relative aperture: 1:8
          net weight:
          Driving voltage: DC6~12V

  • Zoom principle of the zoom lens
         Optical zoom is to change the focus position by moving the lens inside the lens, change the length of the lens focal length, and change the angle of view of the lens to achieve image enlargement and reduction.
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