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SY-8100 liquid chromatography

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    Model NumberSY-8100
    1. High pressure infusion pump adopts electronic pulse suppression technology, has replaced the traditional mechanical buffer, thoroughly solved due to mechanical shock absorber is frequent leak caused by the major fault. The adoption of this new technology also makes the death of the infusion system volume dropped to the lowest.
    2. The wavelength ultraviolet spectroscopic detector wavelength positioning way more directly by the single chip microcomputer by controlling the rotation of the grating (that is, the relationship between wavelength and Angle of sine grating through software implementation), replaced the traditional sine bar linkage (monochromator), overcome the mechanical wear of lead screw transmission and return difference brought about by the wavelength positioning error, also overcomes the monochromator crash caused by wrong operation.
    Technical parameters
    Pump flow rate range: 0.001 ~ 9.999 ml/min
    Pump flow accuracy< 0.5% (1 ml/min)
    Pump flow reproducibility: 0.1% (1 ml/min)
    The pump pressure pulsation < 0.04 MPa
    Pump pressure range: 0 ~ 42 MPa
    Pump gradient control: such as degree and binary high pressure gradient
    Detector baseline drift: 15 x 10-5 AU/h (240 nm, 1.0 s)
    Detector wavelength range: 190-740 nm,
    The detector time constant: 0.1/0.2/0.5/1.0/0.5/1.0/10.0 s
    The detector simulation output: + / - 1 V
    Detector digital output: RS - 232
    Detector automatic zero: the way
    Detector light source: deuterium lamp (tungsten lamp is optional)
    Column temperature box control mode: PID
    Column temperature box temperature range: at room temperature to 100 
    Column temperature box security Settings: overtemperature alarm
    Column temperature box column: 2 root
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