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SJ-10 edible oil acid peroxide value detector

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberSJ-10
    Instrument features:
    1-channel optical system, while rapid detection of ten samples.
    2 The new instrument structure design, small size, easy to carry. No mechanical moving parts, anti-jamming, anti-vibration, high detection accuracy, long life of the instrument.
    3 large-screen LCD Chinese display, user-friendly interface, accurate and intuitive readings.
    4 USB and 232 interface design, convenient data storage and movement, and can be connected directly with the computer at any time, data query, browse, analyze, statistics, print and publish information.
    5 high degree of intelligence: the instrument can automatically diagnose the system failure.
    6 automatically save the test results, data storage capacity, built-in micro-printer, real-time print test results.
    7 provides a complete attachment configuration, using beautiful, durable aluminum crates.
    8 built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, no external power supply can work continuously for 4 hours
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Can simultaneously test multiple samples, each sample independently controlled by the program control, will not interfere with each other.
    2. Absorbance value range: 0.000-3.000 or more
    3 Repeatability: ± 0.1% (A)
    4. Repeatability error: Absorbance (A) ≤ 0.003
    5. Stability: Photoelectric drift (A) ± 0.002 (3 minutes)
    6. Absorbance accuracy: ± 2.0%.
    7. Linearity error: ± 1.0%.
    8. Size: 360X300X125 (mm).
    9 using thermal printing technology.
    10. Instrument testing process required spare parts.
    11. The instrument passed the "food safety detector universal technology" certification.
    12. Reagents: reagents each 100 times. Price: 300 yuan / set of two sets of a total of 600 yuan, for the first time with a set.
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