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RPB-532-1.5TS-FS Raman Probe

Product ID:FGlm029

Price: US$2,000.00 ~ US$3,000.00 PDF Format
Supply Ability:100 SETS/MON
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  • Model NumberRPB-532-1.5TS-FS
    Brand NameRHGD
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     The RPB-532-1.5TS-FS Raman probe is designed for 532nm laser-induced Raman spectroscopy applications. By using a 532nm semiconductor laser and a fiber spectrometer, Raman spectrometry applications can be realized.
          With different sample holders, inspections can be performed on samples that are in solid, liquid or powder form. The optical interference filter of OD6 effectively ensures the filtration of Rayleigh signals. The compact design makes Raman spectroscopy measurement easier for RPB-532-1.5TS-FS Raman probes.
    1. Adapter Raman spectrum range: 200cm-1 ~ 4000cm-1, wider spectral range, optimized design, effective filtering of Rayleigh signal, cut-off depth> OD6
    2. Product assembly process guarantee consistency
    3. Laser start and interruption can be controlled directly through the probe hardware trigger switch
    4. Optical switch design, control laser output at any time, more convenient and safe
    5. Starting beam consistency: Start@200cm-1
    Model: RPB-532-1.5TS-FS
    Wire harness: 2 wires, control trigger button
    Trigger: There is a hardware button trigger
    Optical path control: With shutter switch
    Connect the laser terminal: FC/PC
    Connected Spectrometer Terminals: SMA905
    Fiber parameters:
    Applicable laser wavelength: 532nm
    8.5mm protective tube can withstand tension: 50N
    785 Rayleigh Cutoff Cutoff: OD6
    Raman spectrum working range: 200cm-14000cm-1
    Probe working distance: 7.5 mm (standard)
    Overall output coupling efficiency of the probe: 60% to 70%
    Environmental parameters:
    Working/storage temperature: 060°C
    Work/Storage Humidity: 5%80%


  • RPB-532 series Raman probes are used with 532nm semiconductor laser and fiber spectrometer to realize Raman spectrometry applications. RPB-532 series Raman probes are equipped with different sampling holders to achieve Raman spectrum measurement of solid, liquid or powder samples.
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