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PT-15S Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

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    Model NumberPT-15S
    Low-temperature plasma surface treatment technology is carried out before many processes, and can achieve a multiplier effect. Among them, there are many processes that are applied: bonding pretreatment, printing pretreatment, bonding pretreatment, welding pretreatment, and package pretreatment. According to their own characteristics and more applications: cleaning the naked eye can not see the dust, residue, oxides, carbon deposition, etc., so that the surface of the material is roughened, activated, enhanced hydrophilicity.
    1. Easy to operate and low cost
    2. Efficient vacuum electrode
    3. Gas flow through the flow meter and needle valve for precise control
    4 power can be adjusted within 200W control (can fully meet the cleaning needs, more than 200W power for etching)
    5. Automatic impedance matching
    6. Free setting parameters: processing time, power, gas, pressure
    7. Security protection function: vacuum trigger, door lock
    Technical Parameters:
    Power supply: AC220V
    Working current: The whole working current is less than 1.2A (without vacuum pump)
    RF power supply: 0-600W
    RF frequency: 40KHZ or 13.56MHz optional (offset less than 0.2KHz)
    Frequency offset: less than 0.2KHz
    Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms, automatic matching
    Vacuum degree: 30Pa-100Pa
    Gas flow: 10—100ml/min (adjustable)
    Process Control: MCU Automatic and Manual Methods
    Cleaning time: 1-99999 seconds adjustable
    Power size: 10%-100% adjustable
    Inner cavity size: 200mm×150mm×400mm
    Dimensions: PT-15S type_650*520*500
    Weight: 45Kg
    Vacuum pump: 2XZ-6
    Vacuum chamber temperature: less than 65°C
    Cooling method: Forced wind
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