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GY - QX01 plasma cleaning machine

Product ID:SYQXdlz002

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  • Brand NameYIMA
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    Model NumberGY - QX01
    Brief introduction:
    Suitable for processing various types of materials, including: plastic, rubber, metal, glass, ceramics, polymers and surface geometric shapes. Its advantage is: not only can clean off the surface of the organic contaminants, but also can strengthen the adhesion performance of the material surface.
    PCB/FPC, semiconductor, LED. Battery substrate. Petri dishes, catheter, pipetting device. Glass/metal, rubber/plastic
    ü well-known brand touch-screen and PLC automatic control equipment, including automatic adjustment, automatic operation, automatic alarm function (such as: phase sequence, an abnormal vacuum pump, vacuum pump overload, gas alarm, emptying alarm, rf power reflected power alarm, power supply without power output alarm, high vacuum, vacuum low alarm, etc.), all operation parameters can be monitored, fully ensure the operation is convenient and efficient.
    Technical parameters:
    The machine specification: 1090 mm (W) x 1005 mm x 2160 mm (H) (D)
    Cavity size: 400 mm (W) x 450 mm x 400 mm (H) (D)
    The cavity volume: 70 l
    Electrode specifications: built-in plate type electrode, 374 x 340 x D (W)
    The vacuum system: pumping speed: 18 l/S
    Plasma power supply system: solid transistor placing signage at
    Control system: touch screen + PLC automatic control
    Pneumatic system: 2 inlet, 1 road emptying (according to customer demand increase gas path)
    Working voltage: AC380V 
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