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PM-V83 Low Temperature Plasma Processor

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    Model NumberPM-V83
    The equipment consists of plasma generator, plasma spray gun and main engine.
    Equipment cabinet size: length × width × height = 650mm × 330mm × 1050mm;
    Processing time: 24 hours / day continuous work;
    Rated power: 1000VA*3 (adjustable);
    Gas source protection: differential pressure protection function;
    Match the number of nozzles: three nozzles (nozzles);
    Even machine function: can be connected to the machine;
    Plasma generator adopts German imported technology, imported parts assembly;
    Application area:
    Automobile manufacturing industry
    Plastic rubber industry
    Photoelectric manufacturing industry
    Metal and coating industry
    Chemical fiber and textile industry
    Printing and coding industry
    Technical Parameters:
    Power supply: AC220V(±15%);
    Power: 1000VA*3;
    Processing width: 7-13mm*3,20-55mm*3;
    Frequency: 18-25kHz;
    Air source pressure: >2-2.5KG;
    Weight: 105kg;
    Operating temperature range: -10°C+50°C;
    Relative humidity: <93% (non-condensing);
    Atmospheric pressure: 86106Kpa
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