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PM-G13A Low Temperature Plasma Surface Treatment Machine

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    The energy of particles in low-temperature plasma is generally about several to ten electron volts, which is greater than the binding energy of the polymer material (several to several dozen electron volts), and can completely break the chemical bonds of organic macromolecules to form new bonds; Far lower than high-energy radioactive rays, it only involves the surface of the material and does not affect the performance of the matrix. In a low-temperature plasma in a non-thermodynamic equilibrium state, the electrons have higher energy and can break the chemical bonds of the molecules on the surface of the material, increasing the chemical reactivity of the particles (greater than thermal plasma), and the temperature of neutral particles is close to room temperature. The advantages provide suitable conditions for the surface modification of heat-sensitive macromolecular polymers. By low-temperature plasma surface treatment, a variety of physical and chemical changes occur on the surface of the material, or rough etching occurs, or a dense cross-linked layer is formed, or oxygen-containing polar groups are introduced to make hydrophilicity and adhesion. , Dyeability, biocompatibility, and electrical properties were improved. Treatment of the surface of the material under appropriate process conditions results in a significant change in the surface morphology of the material. A variety of oxygen-containing groups are introduced to change the surface from non-polar, hard-to-adhesive to a certain polarity, easily viscous, and hydrophilic. Sex, is conducive to bonding, coating and printing. Electromagnetic high-frequency high voltage is applied across the electrodes to generate gas arc discharge between the two electrodes to form a plasma region. The electrons continuously collide with gas molecules during the movement, resulting in a large number of new electrons. When these electrons reach the anode, they will accumulate on the surface of the medium and modify the surface.
    Application area:
    1 Optoelectronics and Electronics Industry Applications
    Various glass surface cleaning, improve the hydrophilicity of the glass surface, optimize the glass coating, printing, bonding and spraying;
    Flexible and non-flexible printed circuit board contact cleaning, LED fluorescent "contact" cleaning and enhanced surface dispensing firmness;
    Electronic components processing plasma pretreatment, PCB cleaning, static elimination, LED support, IC surface cleaning and bonding;
    Phone keypad and notebook keyboard bonding
    Mobile phone shell and notebook shell coating
    LCD flexible film circuit fit
    2 Automotive Industry Applications
    Activation before flocking - replacing the use of primer
    EPDM glue spray coating or flocking glue pretreatment process;
    Car plasma lamp adhesive, brake pads, wiper, hood, instrument, bumper, etc. adopt plasma surface pretreatment process;
    Pre-treatment of automobile anti-tying tires
    3 plastics industry applications
    PP, PVC, PET, PC, ABS and other plastic spraying, printing, plating, bonding and flocking pre-treatment.
    All kinds of plastic, rubber, silicone surface modification treatment;
    Pre-processing of plastic shells, mobile phones, computers, and toys before printing and painting to improve surface adhesion;
    Pre-processing of plastic cosmetics bottles before printing to improve the surface adhesion can prevent word falling off and improve product quality;
    4 Packaging Industry Applications
    Professionally improve the firmness of color paper boxes, color box surface paste boxes, such as coated paper, glossy paper, polishing, gold and silver cards, aluminized paper, UV, OPP, PP, PET;
    Can be equipped with an automatic folder gluer to use the machine, can use environmentally friendly water-based adhesives, reduce the amount of glue used, effectively reduce production costs;
    5 printing and coding industry;
    For plastic, metal, glass and other composite materials on the surface of pad printing, screen printing, plasma pretreatment before printing, improve the surface of the ink adhesion.
    PE, PTFE, silicon rubber wire and cable pre-treatment;
    PVC, PET, ABS smart card pre-code pretreatment;
    Technical Parameters:
    Equipment cabinet size: length × width × height = 400mm × 280mm × 380mm;
    Rated power: 850VA (adjustable);
    Matching nozzle number: single head;
    Even machine function: can be used with on-site equipment;
    Power supply: AC220V(±15%);
    Processing width: 50-55mm;
    Frequency: 15-25kHz;
    Air source pressure: 2-2.5kg (external air source);
    Weight: 35kg;
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